... and catch them with your added value by 'Marketing-As-A-Service' from THE FORCE.

"Marketing-As-A-Service" is the attitude towards the idea of "customer centricity" - regardless of the existing definitions of operational and strategic marketing. It’s beyond selling a product to your customer, with an unmet need, or generating positive associations with your brand.

"Marketing As-A-Service" should provide your customers with relevant, perceptible added value and improve their lives (effectiveness dimension) - with an offer that can be (legally and/ or technically) defended and is profitable from the business perspective (efficiency dimension).

The added value in both prevention and chronic disease management could be to reduce the psychological and physical barriers in front of your patients to adhere to lifestyle intervention programs and to enable them to implement them on a permanent basis.

For this purpose, multi-dimensional approaches are necessary, which firstly increase the priority of these interventions for the persons affected, and secondly provide close-to-care support and motivation in addition to customer- and situation-tailored information across all channels. A gearing of digital and offline media, peer groups and relevant HealthCare professionals has been proven to have a stronger impact than standalone interventions. Third, and finally, the affected people must also improve their behavioral skills in order to eliminate pathogenic behaviors and develop and maintain health-promoting ones.

What do you need to implement the "Marketing-As-A-Service" concept?

Your strategy should be based on a sound analysis of the "customer journey" with all relevant "touch points". Once you have identified the channels and "touch points" that you are already in or would like to be in, you should collect and evaluate all information about a customer in one place. Incorporate these findings into innovations! In the spirit of "closed-loop" marketing this works ideally via a cross channel "consumer ID" that shows you, which individual via which "touch points" becomes a customer or where you have lost him or her. Only then you can really go for “try & error” of your offers and products, improve them and continuously create relevant added value for those who are affected.

"Marketing-As-A-Service" should also be reflected in processes, the project culture of your company and thus in your organization. Developing "product teams" or "one-brand teams" into fast-acting project teams that are addressing people's life situations and the inherent unmet needs requires interventions in the way you organize your work. Instead of a product team "insulin", it should be e.g. the project team "Max does not know how to integrate ‘10,000 steps-per-day’ into his daily routine".

A final note: it is important not to lose yourself in ideas or the technically feasible. Everything should promote your core values and your brand and provide your customers with real added value, for which they are willing to pay a fair equivalent for (e.g. accepting the price premium of your core product).

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