Establish the link between OELs and safety measures.

National Requirements or Safebridge banding scheme must be implemented in order to guarantee the health and safety of the staff involved in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. It is necessary to determine an upper limit for any API in the workplace air (Occupational exposure limit) and establish relations between its toxicological and pharmacological properties and prevention measures.
API categorization is the way to establish that links between OELs and safety measures (engineering control, standardized work processes and safety equipment) which consists on:
  • Our team of toxicology experts certified by AETOX, EUROTOX and ERT can provide this categorization through a scientific based evaluation Bibliographic search to review all the relevant information related to the API.
  • OEL Determination following international and widely accepted guidelines.
  • Categorization for the specific work conditions of any laboratory according with the National requirements or Safebridge banding scheme.
The outcome is a high quality and tailored written report where you can find comments and recommendations in order to assure health and safety for a specific workplace.

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