Customer Profiles

We work for our different customer groupings:

  1. The Start-Up

    Building for customers

    We help to get the ground work done. We are not scared of getting our hands dirty.

  2. The Spin-Off

    We help spin-offs

    The specific needs of a spin-off are different and frequently surrounding the “big idea”. We take the worries of founders and inventors regarding the topics they cannot or do not have the time to focus on.

  3. The Market Entrant

    We open doors to markets

    Market entrants require support in order to find their ways in foreign legal systems and environments. We help to understand the systems, build-up the networks and open doors.

  4. The Optimizing Corporate & Family Business

    We help to optimize

    Corporations sometimes lack the specific know-how or the resources to execute optimizations. We stand ready to help specific functions in specific situations.