Pharmacovigilance needs to work! Providing safety and security is our job!

QPPV-As-A-Service by THE FORCE provides instant relief for your Pharmacovigilance needs!

Being a pharmaceutical company means caring and providing solutions to patients at highest qualitative and safety standards. Sometimes you need support to fulfil all your obligations.

THE FORCE has specialized in bringing world-class Pharmacovigilance and QPPV services to its customers.

No matter, if you search for somebody to

  • Establish and maintain the Pharmacovigilance System Master File (PSMF)

  • Process the reporting of adverse reactions

  • Create risk management plans and perform risk minimisation measures

  • Create and check the pharmacovigilance documents needed for the dossier submission

  • Advise and check the Pharmacovigilance Agreements, which need to be concluded

  • Perform the function of the QPPV to guarantee oversight of your pharmacovigilance system and ensure 24 hours availability
As well as we can be your partner if you need guidance in a start-up company and cannot afford a full-time QPPV.

We can support you with establishing a best in class pharmacovigilance system in your company.

Rudite Klesmite, Director Pharmacovigilance / QPPV at THE FORCE CT GmbH

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