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Creating and producing an excellent product isn’t enough. You also have to introduce it to the market, work on your sales channels and generate awareness among your final consumers. There are many screws that you can – and need to – turn to eventually sell your product. THE FORCE supports you in developing a concept for that right from the start – or in implementing completely new opportunities.

We assist you in marketing and sales at all stages:

No matter if you’re just about to enter the market with your product or want to digitize your marketing and sales processes, our experts are here to find a strategy that ultimately fits you.


You have developed your product, hold all necessary approvals for selling it... now what? We introduce your product optimally to the market. We can also help you to position yourself correctly from the start so your product doesn't get lost in the masses.

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Do you have the feeling your product needs a new push or that it is time to use different sales channels? Do you need support in your sales activities in general? Our sales experts will give your product that special boost it needs.

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You don't just want to focus on short-term goals but to implement a marketing strategy that fits you and your product perfectly? We analyze your customer's entire journey to your product in order to find it. The goal is to pick up your customer – no matter which way they come to you.

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Thinking digitally doesn't have to be difficult. We provide you with the specific know-how to digitize – and optimize – your sales and marketing process. By analyzing your current processes we'll find a concept that suits both you and your product.

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