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New drive for your product.

Do you have the feeling your product needs a new push or that it is time to use different sales channels? Do you need support in your sales activities in general? In any case, our sales experts are the right people for you:

  • With our view from the outside we identify opportunities for your product and determine a new direction to give your product the boost it needs.
  • Often it already pays off if your field service takes a new approach to acquisition and product consultation. We coach your sales staff so that they can place your product with doctors and pharmacies in the best possible way.
  • If you lack the necessary capacities, our field service is at your disposal. We directly send it out, on your behalf and with your product.
  • Does your product need completely new ways to get back on track? Then we can support you with sales promotion campaigns on existing distribution channels as well as with the selection of new channels, up to the implementation of a multi-channel distribution.
  • Is your product only about to enter the market? Then our special offer for a successful launch, Product-Launch-As-A-Service, is interesting for you.

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to give your product the right boost.