QPPV As A Service


Pharmacovigilance needs to work. Providing safety and security is our job.

Being a pharmaceutical company means caring of patients and providing them with solutions of the highest quality. Sometimes you need support to fulfil all your obligations. QPPV-As-A-Service by THE FORCE provides you with instant relief for your Pharmacovigilance needs.

We specialize in bringing world-class Pharmacovigilance and QPPV services to our customers – no matter if you are looking for someone to…

  • ...establish and maintain the Pharmacovigilance System Master File (PSMF).
  • ...process the reporting of adverse reactions.
  • …create risk management plans and perform risk minimization measures.
  • …create and check the pharmacovigilance documents needed for the dossier submission.
  • …advise you on and check the Pharmacovigilance Agreements that need to be concluded.
  • …perform the function of the QPPV to guarantee oversight of your pharmacovigilance system and ensure 24 hours availability.
  • ...be your partner if you need guidance in a start-up company and cannot afford a full-time QPPV.
We can support you with establishing a best in class pharmacovigilance system in your company.

Rudite Schillinger, Director Pharmacovigilance / QPPV at THE FORCE CT GmbH

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