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Current travel restrictions are endangering the qualification of your supply chain?
THE FORCE's remote audits will get you back on track.

With the ongoing travel restrictions imposed by COVID-19 many companies face a wide range of difficulties. One of them is that the quality of the entire supply chain must still be guaranteed. In some cases, inspections by authorities are already pending and cannot simply be postponed.

Audits are still an essential part of the qualification process, in order to check all documents, processes and production sites in detail. Because they can no longer be performed on site by default, the complex processes must be translated into a new environment.

This is exactly what our quality management team with its many years of experience in audits and inspections is already implementing: No matter whether you lack the capacities or the appropriate equipment for a purely virtual audit, THE FORCE takes over this task for you – in the form of remote audits.

This way, you can rely on a quality check that is as precise and high-grade as an on-site audit, even if you

  • have special requirements you do not want or are not able to cover with a standardized audit report.
  • need a pre-audit in order to be prepared as well as possible for an upcoming EU GMP inspection or an inspection by an authority with which you have not previously worked, such as Russia or Belarus.
  • as a supplier are flooded with audit requests and would like to offer your customers an independent 3rd party audit report.
  • as a supplier are faced with the problem that your customers are currently unable to travel to your site for an audit.

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