Get to know our team.

Tanja Reischl

Managing Director

+49 (0)7321 757 8112

Tanja is a pharmacist and has been working in the healthcare industry in leadership and executive roles for the past 16 years.

Tanja covers the fields of Product Development, Regulatory Affairs, Production, Supply Chain Optimization, Tech Transfers, Quality Management/Qualified Person, Product Compliance and Pharmacovigilance.

Tanja has long term experience in managing complex intercultural projects. She has been extraordinary successful in the area of Supply Chain Optimization / Cost Reduction, Regulatory Compliance and in the localization of production in Russia.

Christian Stenske

Managing Director

+49 (0)7321 757 8111

Christian has been working in the healthcare industry for the past 15 years in leadership and executive rolls.

He covers the fields of Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain Management incl. Supplier Selection and Negotiation, Partnering and Partner Networks, Business Development, Finance and Human Resources.

Christian’s expertise is the transformation of companies. Therefore, he strategically aligns them and takes care of a state of the art implementation based on a structured project plan. His main focus: Increasing the value for the company owners with a healthy mixture of short term success in the context of a long term strategy.

Dr. Rudite Schillinger

Director Pharmacovigilance

+49 (0)7321 757 8115

Rudite is a medical doctor and has a master’s degree in Business Administration. She has more than 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Rudite covers pharmacovigilance quality systems, performs PV audits, monitors benefit risk balance of the medicines and maintains a pharmacovigilance system master file.

Rudite’s long term experience in the pharmaceutical field brings together a healthy understanding of business needs and legal requirements. She has been successful in passing EU authority inspections, performing PV audits, implementing PV systems and maintaining effective quality system for monitoring medicines.

Dr. Harald Keller

Director Quality

+49 (0)7321 757 8113

Harald is a Biologist with over 10 years practical experience in life sciences and healthcare industries. Scientific expertise, knowledge of the GMP/GDP legislation, strong analytical thinking skills plus some drops of pragmatism and creativity are his formula to handle quality related topics successfully.

Harald is an experienced auditor and managed several authority inspections. He has successfully set up whole quality systems for healthcare start-ups and supported customers in their inspection preparation process by providing customized SOPs.

Further fields of expertise are supplier qualification, training systems, GDP and technical agreements for instance.

Dr. Andrea Schüssele

Director Regulatory Affairs

+49 7321 75781 25

Andrea is a certified pharmacist with a doctorate in Pharmaceutical Technology – and a passion for regulatory affairs. She enjoys supporting clients with both strategic regulatory advice and hands-on work on dossiers and applications.

Working for small and big companies, Andrea gained sound knowledge in the development and approval process for medicinal products, as well as experience in quality assurance and pharmacovigilance.

At THE FORCE she uses her experience as a consultant to support companies in obtaining the necessary licenses, bringing new products to the market, and keeping them in the market throughout their entire lifecycle.

Dr. Verena Bückle-Vallant

Senior Project Manager Quality

+49 (0)7321 757 8123

Verena is a biochemist with a doctorate in microbiology. Her scientific know-how, her analytical thinking and her open communication and motivation complement her over 7 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Verena has already worked as a project engineer in plant qualification and as team leader in compliance. Thus, she is well versed in ensuring compliance with GMP guidelines, the preparation and follow-up of audits and inspections and in her function as a service provider. This, together with her distinct knowledge of GMP and GDP guidelines, lays the foundation for a fruitful and efficient cooperation with a wide variety of customers at THE FORCE.

Christine Mohr

Senior Project Manager Quality

+49 (0)7321 757 8129

Christine is a biotechnologist with over 15 years of practical experience in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Her path has led her from the development of innovative products over production set-up to the optimization of industrial production processes and ultimately to quality management.

Christine's main focus lies in supplier and document management as well as the execution of internal and external audits.

Not least because of her expertise in a wide range of regulatory areas and her systematic approach, she supports companies in implementing the new legal requirements for medical devices and in their quality management systems.

Stefanie Raecke

Quality Manager

+49 (0)7321 757 8127

Stefanie has over 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to her function as a PTA in the public pharmacy and as an assistant to the Qualified Person, she has already worked as a team leader in the Artwork area and as a department head in manufacturing, contract manufacturing, quality assurance and production.

Her area of expertise lies in Artwork Management, where she accompanies the entire packaging material process up to the execution of audits at the responsible printing houses. With the combination of her know-how in quality assurance and as a nutritionist, her focus at THE FORCE is also on GMP and the management of quality assurance processes, especially in the food and dietary supplement sector.

Luisa Greiner

Quality Manager

+49 (0)7321 757 8134

Luisa has a degree in information management in the health sector and can draw on a wide range of practical experience in all her areas of specialization – from quality management to business administration to project and information management.

At THE FORCE, she applies her expertise in quality management and quality assurance as Quality Manager. One of her special fields is staff qualification within the framework of training and on-boarding measures.

Her experience in regulatory affairs and product approval within Europe in particular gives Luisa an international perspective that benefits us and our clients alike.

Juliana Gavrilenko

Quality Manager

+49 (0)7321 757 8132

Juliana has not only already more than 18 years of practical experience as a pharmacy technician: in addition to her work at the pharmacy, she attended the vocational school for cosmetics and worked as a specialist cosmetician for several years.

Through her function as quality management and occupational health and safety officer, she also brings with her a distinct understanding of quality management systems – and uses her experience in this area at THE FORCE as Quality Manager, as well.

Carlos Mayorga

Quality Manager

+49 (0)7321 757 8137

Carlos has three years of professional experience as a Validation Engineer in a pharmaceutical production company. His fields of expertise range from qualification of production equipment and production areas to the validation of HVAC systems, the development of SOPs and validation protocols. At the same time, his focus lies on GMP-compliance for the whole production plant, including everything from facilities to personnel to equipment.

With a combination of reliability, hard work, and a good sense of humor, he’s not only always expanding his skills and horizon, but also readily sharing his knowledge with us at THE FORCE and our customers alike.

Dr. Andrea Gall

Qualified Person

+49 (0)7321 757 8126

Andrea is a specialized pharmacist for drug information. She received her doctorate in Drug Regulatory Affairs alongside her job and can now look back on 16 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, including regulatory affairs, quality control and quality management, and manufacturing.

Her areas of expertise are medical devices and the registration of biocides. She is particularly well versed in the Medicinal Products and Medical Devices Act and counts pharmaceutical-legal issues among her specialties. In addition, Andrea is always pleased to pass on her expertise to other pharmacists in the context of further education, to pharmacists in practical training, and to clinical trainees.

Dr. Daniel Zucker

Drug Regulatory Affairs Manager

+49 (0)7321 757 8136

Daniel combines a PhD in medical sciences and a master’s degree in drug regulatory affairs with 10 years of professional experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. His background ranges from the pharmaceutical development of drug delivery systems and formulations to the business development for drug delivery systems.

He also has broad expertise in the area of regulatory affairs for both drug substances and medicinal products for humans. At THE FORCE, he implements this experience to take care of national marketing authorization applications as well as the maintenance of already granted marketing authorizations. His specialties also include regulatory intelligence.

Dr. Heidi Becker

Senior Toxicologist

+49 (0)7321 757 8135

Heidi is a biologist whose background includes a degree in toxicology as well as a PhD in the field of cell toxicology and 14 years of professional experience.

She’s worked for both the Federal Environment Agency, with a focus on the assessment of indoor pollutants and on nanomaterials, and as a REACH officer in the chemical industry.

With her vast experience in consulting and advisory services – and a special knack for safety data sheets – she also ensures we and our customers at THE FORCE alike are best informed, no matter if it is about a classification issue, the toxicological assessment of ingredients or impurities in drugs and medical devices, or deriving important limit values.

Sandra Nungeß


+49 (0)7321 757 8138

Sandra completed her bachelor’s degree in biosciences, followed by a master’s degree in toxicology. During her studies, she gained knowledge on pre-clinical safety and gathered insights into the pharmaceutical industry.

As a motivated, cheerful scientist with great interest in everything toxicology-related, she is dedicated to ensuring and improving safety for all living things. At THE FORCE, Sandra dives into the working world to grow her skill sets and to pursue her passion.

Alexander Oblezov

Project Manager

+49 (0)173 4120494

Alexander is a chemist with 17 years of professional experience in the pharmaceutical industry, including stations in general management and as a plant manager. His expertise is in product development, tech transfer and manufacturing.

As an experienced project manager in various fields of medical devices and the pharmaceutical industry, he uses his diverse background – ranging from construction projects to drug solid form optimization – to take care of managing manifold projects at THE FORCE, as well.

Douaa Hussien

Project Manager Finance/Controlling

+49 (0)7321 757 8130

Douaa is a business economist with a focus on Finance & Controlling and Business Administration. Motivation, sense of responsibility, reliability and flexibility characterize her strengths. At THE FORCE Douaa starts her most important professional experience in Germany.

With her organizational talent, she not only generally supports the team in analyzing, planning and controlling financial tasks in the company, but also takes on her own projects in this area. It is important to Douaa to always have a clear plan that allows her to achieve the goal and to identify deviations early on.

Julia Schmidt

Director Marketing

+49 (0)7321 757 8118

Julia is a Master of Business Administration focused on Marketing and Sales. She has more than 10 years of experience in the field of marketing on both the agency and corporate side. Her core competence is the area of online marketing. She combines strategic vision with conceptional planning and implementation skills in one person.

Julia has long-term experience in planning and implementing marketing strategies in national and international settings. She has been extraordinary successful in the conception and administration of fully automated, individualized and dynamized e-mail marketing campaigns and in building coherent and communicating system landscapes covering CRM, marketing software, website and online shop.

Nikolai Wiedemann

Marketing Manager

+49 (0)7321 757 8119

Nikolai has a University degree in Information Management. He has over 8 years of experience in marketing on both the agency and corporate side. His core competence lies in the area of online marketing. He combines strategic and conceptual elements with the necessary technical know-how for a target-oriented implementation.

Nikolai has longstanding experience in the planning and implementation of relevant online marketing systems, focusing on CRM, online shop, website and e-mail marketing. For successful online marketing, he creates a system landscape that not only offers a special customer experience, but also interacts perfectly automated in the background.

Tanja Dreher

Marketing Manager

+49 (0)7321 757 8124

Tanja holds a master’s degree in International Business & Economics with a focus on marketing and global business ethics and has over 5 years of professional experience in the field of marketing.

Her core competence lies in the area of online marketing – not least because of her curiosity about new technologies and her openness for the use of new systems. With Tanja, distinctive analytical skills meet a creative streak, which is evident in her ideas as well as in their practical implementation.

With her experience in the development, control and analysis of holistic marketing concepts, she is responsible for campaign management and the implementation of marketing activities on all channels at THE FORCE.

Verena Ehnle

Assistant to the CEO

+49 (0)7321 757 8116

Verena is a bank clerk with diversified experience in the management of her family’s business. At THE FORCE she covers the field of Customer Support, Office-and Supply-Chain-Management and is also responsible for administrative activities and internal network.

Verena has a long time ex perience in managing and organizing all business relevant tasks. With her polite and charming nature, she ensures a smooth workflow and a pleasant working atmosphere. Thereby she focuses on a simple but efficient and punctual implementation.