The high class THE FORCE Team let your ideas become reality. Together with our partner network we are not just meeting your expectations - we have the attempt to go beyond them.


Tanja Reischl

Owner/ Managing Director

+49 (0)171 483 0202

Tanja has been working in healthcare industry in leadership and executive roles for the past 15 years. She spent many years in a global environment, knowing the customer and supplier side from hands on experience. Her focus is on qualitative good, compliant and safe products for the customer.

Tanja covers for us and for your company the fields of product development, regulatory affairs, production, supply chain optimization, tech transfers, quality management/Qualified Person, product compliance and pharmacovigilance. Tanja has a strong track record of delivering large scale projects. She demonstrated her skills in the areas above for companies like Pharma Stulln GmbH (CMO), betapharm and Wörwag Pharma.

Christian Stenske

Owner/ Managing Director

+49 (0)7321 757 8111

Christian has been working in healthcare industry for the past 15 years in leadership and executive rolls. He has spent many years in international settings and has a solid understanding of commonalities and differences of markets. His focus is on the customer and its satisfaction.

Christian covers for us and for your company the fields of strategy, marketing, Sales, supply chain management incl. supplier selection and negotiation, partnering and partner networks, business development, finance and human resources. He demonstrated his skills in the areas above for companies like Royal Dutch Shell, Paul Hartmann AG, and Wörwag Pharma, which are all major players in their field of business.

Reena Chaudhary

Key Account Manager

+49 (0)7321 757 8114

Reena is a pharmacist with a Master in Business Planning and Marketing. She focuses on Sales and Business Development. Reena takes care of the Key Account Management as well as Market and Customer Development. She also coordinates the roll out of new projects with all relevant departments.

Reena’s experience with diverse and successful as well as international portfolios made her fit for the role, in which she had launched new products, optimized supply chain, price management (Cash Flow) , implementation of new guidelines, handling sales and budget planning.

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Dino Gualtieri

Director Business Development

+49 (0)7321 757 8125

Dino is a pharmacist and has more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and nutritional supplements industry as well as in pharmacies.

At THE FORCE Dino is responsible for business development. His motto is: "Only a satisfied customer remains a constant and loyal customer". He also takes care of negotiations and contract conclusions with our international distribution partners, the market introduction of non-EU partners into the European market and the development of new product ideas.

Dino has already successfully applied his expertise in international companies like GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Sensient Pharmaceutical Europe.

Dr. Harald Keller

Director Quality

+49 (0)1590 1421747

Harald is a Biologist with over 10 years practical experience in life sciences and healthcare industries. Scientific expertise, knowledge of the GMP/GDP legislation, strong analytical thinking skills plus some drops of pragmatism and creativity are his formula to handle quality related topics successfully.

Harald is an experienced auditor and managed several authority inspections. He has successfully set up whole quality systems for healthcare start-ups and supported customers in their inspection preparation process by providing customized SOPs. Further fields of expertise are supplier qualification, training systems, GDP and technical agreements for instance.

Dr. Rudite Schillinger

Director Pharmacovigilance / QPPV

+49 (0)1573 3344321

Rudite is a medical doctor and has a Master Degree in Business Administration. She has more than 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry.
Rudite covers pharmacovigilance quality systems, performs PV audits, monitors benefit-risk balance of the medicines and maintains a pharmacovigilance system master file.

Rudite’s long term experience in the pharmaceutical field brings together a healthy understanding of business needs and legal requirements. She has been successful in passing EU authority inspections, performing PV audits, implementing PV systems and maintaining effective quality system for monitoring medicines.

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Dr. Thomas Haas

Senior Project Manager Quality & Product Development

+49 (0) 7321 757 8122

Thomas is a chemist with over 10 years of practical experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Scientific expertise, knowledge of GMP/GDP guidelines and creativity in problem solving are his strengths.

Thomas' eye for the pragmatic optimization of pharmaceutical quality systems leads to an improvement of company performance and profitability as well as quality standards. His experience as an auditor, audited and inspection recipient creates added value both for us at THE FORCE and for your company.

In addition, his expertise in project management, supplier qualification, product life cycle management, cost optimization of drug synthesis and preparation of product launches has proven its worth.

Angela Röder

Regulatory Affairs / Pharmacovigilance

+49 (0)7321 757 8126

Angela is a pharmacist for clinical pharmacy and has been holding a master’s degree in Drug Regulatory Affairs for 12 years. Through her experience, she knows that customer requirements often don’t differ that much from the regulations set by the authorities – and she specializes in combining and coordinating both.

Within the scope of her pharmacy activities, she frequently gains new insights into the current needs of the market. It also enables her to regularly apply and expand her experience in the field of pharmacovigilance directly in practice.

Angela knows how to respond fully and completely to every customer, which makes her a valuable contact person.

Julia Schmidt

Director Marketing

+49 (0)7321 757 8118

Julia is a Master of Business Administration focused on Marketing and Sales. She has more than 10 years experience in the surrounding of marketing agencies as well as on customers sides. Her core competence is the area of Online-Marketing. She combines strategic vision with conceptional planning and implementation skills.

Julia has long term experience in planning and implementing marketing strategies in national and international settings. She has been extraordinary successful in concepting and administrating fully automated, individualized and dynamized newsletter campaigns and in building coherent and communicating system landscapes covering CRM, Marketing software, website and online shop.

Nikolai Wiedemann

Marketing Manager

+49 (0)7321 757 8119

Nikolai has a University degree in Information Management. He has more than 8 years experience in the surrounding of marketing agencies as well as on customers sides. His core competence is the area of Online-Marketing. He combines strategic and conceptional elements with essential technical knowledge for a precise implementation.

Nikolai has a long term experience in planning and implementing relevant Online-Marketing systems, focusing on CRM, Onlineshop, Websites and Email-Marketing. He creates state-of-the-art system landscapes not only for a special customer experience, also with a perfect automatically background interaction.

Tanja Dreher

Marketing Manager

+49 (0)7321 757 8124

Tanja holds a master’s degree in International Business & Economics with a focus on marketing and global business ethics and has over 5 years of professional experience in the field of marketing.

Her core competence lies in the area of online marketing – not least because of her curiosity about new technologies and her openness for the use of new systems. With Tanja, distinctive analytical skills meet a creative streak, which is evident in her ideas as well as in their practical implementation.

With her experience in the development, control and analysis of holistic marketing concepts, she is responsible for campaign management and the implementation of marketing activities on all channels at THE FORCE.

Verena Ehnle

Assistant to the CEO

+49 (0)7321 757 8116

Verena is a bank clerk with diversified experience in the management of her family’s business. At THE FORCE she covers the field of Customer Support, Office- and Supply-Chain-Management and is also responsible for administrative activities and internal network.

Verena has a long term experience in managing and organizing all business relevant tasks. With her polite and charming nature, she ensures a smooth work flow and a pleasant working atmosphere. Thereby she focuses on a simple but efficient and punctual implementation.

Julia Verena Rauscher

Working Student Graphic Design & Video

+49 (0)7321 757 8123

Julia is a Digital Media student at the Technical University of Ulm. After her 6-month design internship in marketing, she now continues to support us as a working student in all design and creative activities.

Julia's focus is on the conceptual design and realisation of digital and print media as well as moving images. In close consultation with colleagues and printers, she ensures that everything runs smoothly right up to the completion of the media.

With her know-how from many years of experience in common graphic programs, she visualizes our ideas and conceptions – always with a special feeling for how they can be realized in the best possible way.

Douaa Hussien

Backoffice Assistant

Douaa is an economist with a focus on business administration. Motivation, a sense of responsibility, reliability and flexibility are her strengths.

At THE FORCE Douaa starts her most important professional experience in Germany. She takes care of the recording of customer data in CRM and guarantees that our customers always have the latest information material and samples at hand.

She is also responsible for trade fair preparations. With her organizational talent she ensures that THE FORCE is presented in the best possible way at trade fairs.