Let our approach boost your personal development!

Haven't we all had times in our lives when we felt small or limited by our circumstances? Many of us know this feeling from our professional careers: There are no more possibilities to further develop ourselves, while frustration starts to rise.

In moments like these, we can give in and compromise with the current situation. Or we can follow our intuition that tells us we need to change something – and break out and try a different route instead.

Join our journey and unleash your force!

Individual talents over functional capabilities:

Each of us has a special talent. When put to the best use, this talent will take you, other people, and the company further. This is why we are less focused on the functional capabilities we hire, and more on the talents of each individual person. Previous exposure to the pharmaceutical or medical device industry is a plus, but not a must.

Forget outdated procedures:

We try to stay away from old-fashioned systems and processes that date back to the last millennium and are completely unsuitable for today's work environment.

Tell us about the dream you want to realize:

Whether you simply want to work from home, would like to have time for a project dear to your heart, or are looking for an environment that allows you to independently work on your projects – we’ll listen and see if we can match it with THE FORCE.

Discover your freedom to operate.

The contract that works for you:

Whether on a contract basis or under an employment contract, we are keen to work with you in a way that makes sense for you. Equally, we offer full-time or part-time jobs.

Heidenheim, Berlin, Porto, remote, or a hybrid model:

Depending on distance to the next office, people at THE FORCE either work completely remotely or split their time between one of our offices and working from home. Thus we can find a balance between an efficient use of everyone’s time – and sharing knowledge in an informal setting as well as encouraging team integration.

People are our strength: Our values

THE FORCE is the right place for you if you want to make a difference – for our customers as well as for your surroundings and yourself.

We are a company built on a unique set of values. We put the people working for us in the center of our attention: It’s their talents we try to make the best of and to develop over time. This unique approach also forms a spirit that's different from everything you have seen until today.

Since we bring together people from a wide variety of backgrounds, what we value is what nevertheless allows us to work smoothly as a team. In the end, we are united by the similar beliefs we share. These are our company values:

But enough about us!


...are open to a new experience in an entrepreneurial setting?
...want the opportunity to make the best of your abilities?
...are looking for a people- and customer-centric organization that knows that people are its strength?
...thrive with the freedom to operate?

Then we are waiting for you and your talents to find a place in our team.