Access the knowledge of experienced toxicologists.

Toxicological aspects are components of a large number of regulations and therefore play an important role in the pharmaceutical industry. At the same time, it can be difficult to keep an overview and take all factors into account.

As an active member of the EUROTOX Corporate Program, THE FORCE supports you with all your toxicological needs. Access the knowledge and expertise of experienced toxicologists with the following services:

THE FORCE is an active member of the EUROTOX Corporate Program.


To provide information on how to deal with a product or chemical to both avoid dangers and in case of accidents, there are a number of required documents and procedures to be followed.

We are here to support you with these important tools to communicate essential information.

Safety Data Sheets

The safety data sheet provides important information on the identity of the product, any hazards that may arise, safe handling, and measures for prevention as well as in the event of danger to the professional user of chemicals. We support you with the compilation of this central element of communication.

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Product Notification

To ensure important information about their composition is available in case of accidents with hazardous substances or mixtures, they must be reported to the competent authorities via the ECHA Poison Centre Notification (PCN). We advise you on your rights and obligations and carry out the product notification for you.

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Classification & Labelling

Classification and labelling are the starting point for hazard communication and help ensuring that human health and the environment are protected from harmful chemicals. We support you in providing and communicating this necessary information to all relevant parties.

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There are different categories of impurities that can occur in a pharmaceutical product, all with the potential to affect its safety and efficacy.

We perform the assessments required for your product, determine necessary limit values, and support you with implementing the subsequent measures.


In shared facilities it’s essential to know how many residues of a certain substance could technically remain in the used equipment without causing any harm. We determine the Permitted Daily Exposure Limit for any substance and provide you with the according PDE report.

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Materials used in pharmaceutical packaging or in the manufacturing process can pose health risks if they migrate to the finished pharmaceutical product. We assess the risks of materials and determine which ones are compatible with your product.

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Elemental Impurities

Traces of metal in a pharmaceutical product can endanger the safety of patients. To limit the risk of these potentially toxic elemental impurities, we provide you with the required risk assessment and help you to establish risk control strategies.

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Toxicological Evaluation of Organic Imprurities

Unwanted substances without any therapeutic effect can endanger the safety and efficacy of your pharmaceutical product. We perform toxicological evaluations to ensure the safety of your product – and to avoid expensive recalls.

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Cleaning Validation

Properly cleaning the equipment used in manufacture is essential, especially when multiple pharmaceutical products are manufactured in shared facilities. We help you to establish reliable cleaning procedures – and prevent your product from being contaminated.

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