The comfort option.

We build companies for companies. This way, we enable you as an entrepreneur with the agility and reliability required to focus your valuable time and efforts on your core business. No matter how small your initial need, we provide the right environment for your business to grow.

Our experience gives you a significant time advantage, as well: We generally need only 1/3th of the time required in the medical-pharmaceutical regulated environment to completely set up a company.

Who is this service for?

  • You are a foreign company with a pharmaceutical or healthcare product innovation wanting to enter the German market, but you don’t have a clue about its specialties?
  • Your corporation wants to outsource business activities as a spin-off and needs to show results as quickly as possible?
  • You're fresh out of university and would like to get started with your start-up right away?
  • You simply want to focus your time and energy on your core business and need someone to take care of everything else?

Then you need Company-As-A-Service by THE FORCE.

Company-As-A-Service: The comfort option

The ultimate service we offer is a turn-key pharmaceutical, medical device or healthcare company, ready for you to move in with your product.

Our service only starts with the set-up of a legal entity: We also create processes, assign functions to the right people, involve key partners, introduce necessary software processes, and ensure approvals. In short: We take care of everything necessary to provide a fully functional company.

Individually designed service for full flexibility

Sometimes there are specific tasks you would like to take on yourself. As experts of the German healthcare market and with our ability to provide every single process that’s necessary to build and maintain a company on its own, that’s no problem, either: We tailor our offer exactly around what you want to manage yourself – or use our services to fill in gaps.

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