Whether you plan to acquire or are preparing the sale of a product or company – we perform due diligence in the pharmaceutical field to best equip you with all relevant information, especially on potential risks and opportunities.

Before any transaction, it’s essential to analyze and evaluate the company or products concerned. With our long-standing experience in the pharmaceutical industry, we offer full-service, outsourced due diligence to provide an independent assessment of value, potential risks, and optimization perspectives.

Within the scope of this service we address, among other factors:

As a comprehensive service, our due diligences contain everything from the virtual due diligence room to the final implementation: We don’t leave it at an assessment, we also provide you with the starting points for improving profitability and support you throughout the preparation of an integration or transformation.

This way, you can minimize the risk of your investment when you plan to acquire – or prepare for a sale in the best possible way.

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