CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER (M/F/X) – Heidenheim a. d. Brenz/Berlin/Porto/remote

You want more than just an interview with our customers?


Position: Customer Service Manager (m/f/x)

Location: one of our offices in Heidenheim an der Brenz/Berlin/Porto or remote (Germany/Portugal)

Starting: at the next possible date


THE FORCE builds companies for companies in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and medical devices sector.

We encourage work in a flexible surrounding and as a diverse group when it comes to gender, nationality, religion, and ways of working. This unique culture is aimed to integrate employees and partners seamlessly into one organization.

Likewise, this organization shall easily adapt to customer organizations. Our unique way of operation will release THE FORCE to solve customer problems in a fast, effective, and efficient manner.


In all of this, people are and will be at the center of our attention, and the most valuable asset we have: People are our strength. They make us THE FORCE.

For you, this means you are flexible in your working hours, your location, and your work itself. You will also have a big say in what exactly you and we are aiming for. But above all, we are interested in you as a person and focus on your specific talents. We are looking for that certain something – and will give it to you in return.


  • Your way of handling customer enquiries and orders by email or phone is the stuff of legends.
  • You easily hunt down and provide information on orders and deliveries as well as on stock availability.
  • You can’t wait to get your teeth into solving customer issues and complaints in close cooperation with other internal practices.
  • You don’t pale when it comes to processing orders, credit and debit memos, or returns from our customers.
  • Providing documents for export and notifications of freight collection, as well as checking for compliance with all export-relevant regulations, is well within your powers.
  • The preparation of records needed for international trade (e.g. certificate of origins, EUR.1) isn’t likely to turn you to dust.
  • You sharply monitor deliveries to ensure on-time delivery.
  • Neither supporting the sales team nor the administration of master data/statistics feels like a curse to you.
  • You don’t bat away the maintenance of accurate records and databases for customer orders and inquiries.
  • You spread your wings into the inventory of stock (e.g. consignment warehouses).
  • Monitoring KPIs related to the field of customer service comes to you (super)naturally.
  • You lightly step out of your crypt to cooperate with external logistics service providers.
  • Contract management (maintenance in the system) is far from being a nail in your coffin.
  • Collaboration in process optimization is a tale as old as time to you.


  • With a completed commercial training, preferably in wholesale and foreign trade, business studies with a focus on transport & logistics, or an equivalent qualification, you don’t have to hide in the shadows.
  • You’ve been around a while – at least long enough to gather relevant professional experience, preferably in the pharmaceutical or healthcare industry.
  • Your knowledge in export topics is more than just folklore.
  • You aren’t in the dark about GxP compliance and medical devices.
  • You know what’s at stake with the check of blacklist.
  • Your customer orientation and empathy are almost paranormal.
  • Instead of shedding blood immediately, you’ve got the ability to work in a team environment and to collaborate with various teams and positions within the company.
  • You have a lively interest in areas such as medical devices, narcotics, and pharmaceutical products.
  • Your mental flexibility allows you to tackle diverse areas of responsibility.
  • You might not have hypnotic skills, but you do possess a high level of assertiveness.
  • While you’re not a completely solitary creature, you’re used to working independently.
  • MS Office and ERP systems don’t work in mysterious ways for you.
  • Your excellent oral and written communication skills in English and German alike put both us and our clients, including customers from abroad, under your spell.


If you see yourself reflected in these points and feel like it’s time for your next transformation, send us your application directly via our application form.

Please note that we require all application documents in English.

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