Safety of cosmetic products in relation to human health.

The manufacture, import and distribution of cosmetics, fragrances and cosmetic ingredients implies compliance with EC Regulation No. CE Nº 1223/2009, whose objective is to guarantee the safety of these products in relation to human health.

Services we offer:

1. Product Information File (PIF) and Safety Assessment of Ingredients and Cosmetics

  • Notification via European Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP)
  • Cosmetic product safety and efficacy trials
  • Microbiological controls
  • Challenge Test
  • Active Ingredients Determination
  • Allergens Analysis
  • Development and validation of analytical methods
  • Chemical analysis for product control
  • Toxicity evaluation by alternative methods (QSAR and Read-across)
  • Safety Profile Development with bibliographic search and toxicity and efficacy test results
2. Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

  • After the information collection phase and subsequent evaluation, an SDS must be drafted in order to communicate the hazard information associated with the product or cosmetic ingredients. This SDS is required from the manufacturer, distributor or importer.
  • Implementation of a quality system in accordance with ISO 22716 and Good Manufacturing and Laboratory Practices (GMP, GLP) for cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients
  • Implementation of good manufacturing practices for fragrances in accordance with IFRA
  • Design plans for facilities for the processing of essential oils, fragrances and cosmetics; compatibility. Risk analysis in multi-product plants.
  • Authorisation or renewal of manufacturers, importers and control laboratories facilities
  • Responsible Declaration for Healthcare Authorities
  • Responsible Person
  • Internal and third party audits
  • Staff training in GMP requirements
Occupational Exposure Limits
Employees who dedicate their activity to the handling of cosmetic ingredients are exposed to the danger potential of these ingredients. It is necessary to determine the concentration of any cosmetic ingredient in the workplace air and, taking into account its toxicological properties, establish preventive measures guaranteeing the health and safety of workers.
Using this information it is possible to establish health-monitoring programmes that identify and anticipate any problems associated with the management of cosmetic ingredients.
Green Certificate I (Cosmos Standard I)
  • This certification signifies the natural origin of cosmetic products and manufacturing processes that are committed to the environment and human health.
  • Consumers increasingly demand this type of product for ethical reasons and because of a lack of confidence in chemical products. In addition, they are less price sensitive than consumers of cosmetics that are not environmentally-friendly.

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