PRODUCT-LAUNCH-AS-A-SERVICE what? We introduce your product into the market.

You have developed your product, have all the necessary approvals for selling, and are now facing the challenge of bringing it to market?

THE FORCE overcomes this hurdle for you and accompanies you through the product launch. Or you choose the comfort solution and we rent your product – no matter if medical device, drug, dietary supplement or cosmetic – for the complete period of the market launch so that you don't have to worry about anything. Afterwards we’ll return the launched product to you.

The whole package for your product launch:

In our overall package we develop a complete concept for the launch and select the relevant and suitable channels for your product. In order to build up your level of awareness, for example with pharmacies, from the very beginning, we provide you with a field service, including a briefing that we have tailored precisely to your product, as well as all the necessary marketing materials.

If you wish we can go one step further and also take care of developing your brand image. This way you can position yourself correctly from the start instead of letting your product get lost in the masses.

Time for a boost?

But even if your product is already established on the market and you have the feeling it needs a boost, it is time to use new sales channels or you generally need support in your sales activities, you can count on our experts. You can find all information about our Sales-As-A-Service offer here.

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to give your product the best start into the market.