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THE FORCE provides you with a Responsible Person for GDP to ensure your pharmaceutical product arrives at the end of the distribution chain in the same condition in which it left you as the manufacturer.

You have taken all measures to guarantee the quality and safety of your pharmaceutical product when it leaves you as the manufacturer. At this point, however, there still lies a supply chain between your product and your customer, which in some cases consists of long distances.

To ensure that your pharmaceutical product still meets the same quality standards by the time it is dispensed to the patient, transport as well as storage at wholesalers and intermediaries must be sufficiently controlled.

It’s also a legal requirement to appoint a wholesale representative for this task, because otherwise a Wholesale Distribution Authorization (WDA) may be denied or subsequently revoked. If the Responsible Person for GDP does not perform their functions thoroughly, you may be subject to warnings and fines.

THE FORCE provides you with a qualified Responsible Person for GDP who will perform all the required tasks of this role for you. We take our responsibility seriously and...

...monitor the entire transport route of your pharmaceutical product until it is received by the pharmacy. We carry out appropriate check-ups so that you can be sure at all times that all regulations are being complied with – from compliance to cold chain to the condition of the warehouses being used.
...inspect and instruct the personnel used for transport and storage and contact you immediately if, in our judgement, any part of the supply chain does not meet the necessary requirements.
...take care of the coordination of recalls. With our experience, we take responsibility for ensuring that a recall is executed correctly and completely, and that all further necessary actions are arranged – whether it's releasing your drug back for sale or meeting all requirements for an appropriate destruction.
...take all decisions concerning the whereabouts of rejected or returned pharmaceuticals. Repacking? New packaging? Disposal? After an appropriate evaluation, we initiate all necessary steps.
...make sure that everything runs smoothly even for a transport from non-EU countries. We support you in applying for an import license and take care that nothing stands in the way of importing your pharmaceutical product into EU states.

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