Do you need an EU GMP certificate? We know how to get it.

You want to offer your pharmaceutical product on the EU market? As a manufacturer, you need a corresponding certification, which you can obtain by passing a GMP inspection for your production facility.

To clarify your GMP status in advance, THE FORCE offers you a pre-audit. In a detailed audit report, we list all deficits so that you can work on them before an actual GMP inspection – or approach the inspection with confidence. If desired, we can also accompany the complete inspection process, from the application to the post-processing.

Even if you are still thinking about how you would like to market your product in the EU, we will be happy to assist you – no matter which route you choose:

  • You can set up your own sales company in the EU. In this case, we will help you set up a quality management system for this company that is compliant with EU directives. Moreover, we support you in obtaining EU approvals for your products.
  • Alternatively, you may look for a customer in the EU who will include you as a supplier in their existing dossier. THE FORCE can provide you with competent support for this solution, as well.

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