Regulation ((BPR) (EU) 528/2012) published by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) covers the registration of biocides in Europe before being marketed.

This regulation aims to harmonize the European market place, guaranteeing that these substances are harmless to humans, animals and the environment potentially exposed to their use. There are temporary provisions for certain substances, subject to national regulations.

Services we can provide:

Registration (IUCLID documentation)
1. Toxicological evaluation and classification

  • Risk assessment (human and environmental safety)
  • Complete toxicological testing in accordance with Annex II and Annex III
  • Performance test
  • In-silico services (QSAR and Read-Across)
  • Classification and labelling in accordance with CLP
2. Preparation of the ecotoxicological profile

  • Bibliographic search
  • Evaluation of chemicals in accordance with Biocide Regulation
3. Safety data sheet (SDS)

  • Drafting of an SDS to communicate information about the hazards associated with the biocide. This SDS is required from the manufacturer, distributor or importer.
  • Biocide plant design
  • Audits in accordance with Biocide Regulation
  • GMP training in compliance with biocide regulations
Occupational Exposure Limits
Staff employed in the manipulation of biocidal products are exposed to their potential danger. It is necessary to determine acceptable occupational exposure limits (OEL) in order to establish preventive measures that will ensure the health and safety of workers.
Using this information, it is possible to establish health-monitoring programmes that identify and anticipate any problems associated with the management of biocidal products.

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