THE FORCE ensures your safety data sheets are complete and up to date.

Safety data sheets are the central element of the communication in the supply chain for hazardous substances and mixtures. They provide important information on the identity of a product, any hazards that may arise, safe handling, and measures for prevention as well as in the event of danger to the professional user of chemicals.

As a manufacturer, importer, or retailer of a product... are obliged to provide safety data sheets in the official language of the relevant country of your customer at the latest with the first delivery.

The supplier of the product... responsible for the content, completeness, and currency of the safety data sheet. It should be noted that safety data sheets may only be compiled by competent persons.

Therefore, we support you with the compilation of safety data sheets according to REACH (EC) 1907/2008 for your products.

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please contact our Senior Toxicologist Dr. Heidi Becker.
THE FORCE is an active member of the EUROTOX Corporate Program.