Pharmacovigilance is a crucial factor in ensuring patient safety. We accompany you from identifying the necessary steps to reduce risks up to an efficient implementation.

With any pharmaceutical product, you have to ensure the safety of the patient. A crucial factor in identifying the potential hazards of pharmaceuticals is the detection, monitoring, and prevention of adverse effects – which is where Pharmacovigilance comes in.

Whether you need someone to take care of your PV processes as a whole or to tackle a particular challenge, our qualified team supports you along the way, from detecting the necessary steps to an efficient, high-quality implementation.

To provide safety and security to both you and patients alike, our PV services include:

  • European Pharmacovigilance

    Pharmacovigilance in Europe must follow an array of specific guidelines and regulations.

    With our experience and knowledge of both the EEA as a whole and a variety of states within it, we guide you through the specific PV needs of these markets – assessing the situation from a European as well as from a local, country-specific angle.

  • Medical Writing

    From clinical development to MAA application to post-marketing – we take care of preparing PV documents through the entire lifecycle of your product, in compliance with all required quality standards.

  • PV System Master File (PSMF)

    As not only a requirement for submitting your product’s application for Marketing Authorization within the EEA but also the basis of your PV system, the PSMF takes on a particularly important role in Pharmacovigilance.

    We therefore approach this subject with special care, making sure to include all necessary information, follow the strict structure determined by guidelines, and keep it up to date at all times.

  • SDEA Partner Management

    Especially when you have a lot of partners all around the world or multiple different Safety Data Exchange Agreements, it can be difficult to handle them all without losing track.

    Our job is to ensure that all necessary agreements are in place and to take care of their ongoing maintenance.

  • Medical Literature Monitoring

    Since medical literature is an important source to identify suspected adverse reactions, marketing authorization holders withing the EEA are usually responsible to monitor it closely and to report any cases.

    With our experience, we take care of the monitoring and ensure a consistent, high-quality reporting.

  • Signal Management

    As marketing authorization holder, it’s your joint responsibility with the regulatory authorities of the member states and the EMA to manage safety signals.

    We support you in detecting signals from multiple sources as well as in their evaluation and management.

  • ICSR Management

    Processing Individual Case Safety Reports (ICSR) is an essential part of any PV system.

    To make sure you don’t have to worry about Case Management, our Pharmacovigilance team takes care of everything from an efficient collection and data entry to quality and medical reviews, to the regulatory submission to all relevant parties.

  • SUSAR Management

    Adverse reactions have to be monitored and managed accordingly during the phase of clinical trials, as well.

    We take care of Suspected Unexpected Serious Adverse Reaction (SUSAR) in particular, keeping the relevant ICH guidelines as well as the narrow reporting periods in mind.

  • QMS and SOP Writing

    One of the key factors in providing a Pharmacovigilance that works in all areas is a refined Quality Management System for PV.

    We create and implement this necessary framework from the outset, including a complete library of necessary SOP documents, that ensures all related activities are performed in compliance with current laws and regulations – and at the high level of quality you want to deliver to the patient in the end.


    Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance needed? With QPPV-As-A-Service, you can book our qualified personnel exactly when and for how long you need it.

  • PV Consultancy

    If you need advice on how to improve your PV processes in general or are facing any other topics in this area, our team is ready to guide you through the complex world of Pharmacovigilance.

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